Visitor experience beyond the venue.

Your audiences want seamless engagement. Sure, buying tickets, finding parking, and signing up for a newsletter can be an adventure -- but unless it’s a great experience, it can also be a good way to lose visitors.

The Arts and Culture sector has long been a driver for digital technology. The perfect marriage of ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness has pushed advances in database platforms, digital display management systems, venue management solutions, and online exhibitions for the benefit of the sector at large… and really, all of us.

But the visitor experience is everything.

Driving new technology doesn’t necessarily equate to upgrading frequently. Nor does it mean that your systems talk to one another. Right now, you could be tracking your ticket sales funnel online, how long it takes for your visitors to get from parking to an exhibition, where they wander through your venue, and what they say about you in social media. Better still, you could be personalizing each of those experiences to keep your visitors engaged and happy — to keep them coming back. But all of that means you need to upgrade: you need an integrated digital ecosystem, a roadmap to get there, and a strategy to track and engage your audiences.

bv02 enters stage left.

In our 15 years of working with Arts and Culture, we’ve helped museums, galleries, theatres, and others to enhance the visitor experience. We’ve worked with organizations like the Canadian War Museum, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canadian Museum of Nature, Centrepointe Theatre, Shenkman Arts Centre, and Yukon Arts Centre to enhance the in-venue experience, measure and improve engagement, crowdfund projects, and transform their entire digital ecosystems.

  • Visitor experience workshops and strategy development
  • Customer experience journey mapping
  • Digital ecosystem transformation
  • Digital / physical visitor tracking and analytics
  • Web / mobile engagement and marketing
  • Digital exhibits, storytelling and gamification
  • Crowdfunding strategy and platform implementation

Change is always around the corner.

We’ve been there to help organizations develop new approaches to digital engagement, roadmap new ticketing platforms, tackle visitor experience, and beyond. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Arts and Culture is that there’s no waiting for change: you see the cutting edge in digital and aim for it.

Contact us and we’ll help you get there.

Our Partners in Arts & Culture

Canada Council for the Arts
Royal Canadian Mint
Virtual Museum of Canada
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Canadian Museum of Nature
National Gallery of Canada
Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation
Hutchins Center for African & African American Research
Ottawa Public Library

Our Arts and Culture Projects

Project: CMN Beluga Cam

Before the whales were expected at Arctic Watch, bv02 set up and began testing a streaming server to capture the video from the Inlet. Once captured, we would convert and rebroadcast the video, making it available over the internet and within the Museum.

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