A digital marketing strategy that brings visibility to an important health assessment tool

About ePhysicianHealth

bv02 and ePhysician Health collaborate to improve awareness of an online health assessment tool for physicians.

Who’s the doctor’s doctor? That question lead the ePhysician Health team to build an online learning and assessment portal to help doctors and their families understand their current health state and health issues that relate specifically to professionals in the medical industry. Yet because the portal had been built in Flash, a platform that was invisible to search engines, the valuable health information within the portal couldn’t be found via online search. ePhysician Health came to bv02 seeking support in bringing awareness to this important assessment tool.

bv02, the Canadian Medical Association and ePhysician Health worked closely to build a digital marketing strategy that would bring increased visibility to this health assessment tool and its content. The tool itself was built with a focus on engagement with users and is incredibly useful and clear. To raise its visibility for online search, bv02 built a blog layer around the portal using the ExpressionEngine CMS. This allowed ePhysician Health to create and publish content that reflected the eLearning modules within the assessment. The new content could be indexed by search engines, increasing the online visibility of this health assessment toolset.

Solutions Provided