Based on a strategic approach to template structure, content management, design and navigation

Algonquin Alumni

bv02 built a flexible template system to allow Algonquin College to accommodate and adapt to multiple requirements across the College's digital footprint.

Algonquin College is a leader in post secondary education with three campuses across Ontario, offering over 150 programs to their students. Each year graduates venture into the workplace well equipped and trained to purse careers in their respective fields. As their alumni network continued to grow, Algonquin needed a communication tool that could connect with new and past graduates, informing them of events, news, updates and successes.

bv02’s approach was to create a strategy that could accommodate the needs of the Alumni website including navigation options, multiple template requirements and design options such as backgrounds, layout and banners.

Based on the success of the strategic approaches to template structure, content management, design and navigation, bv02 is now working with Algonquin to roll out the templates across nearly 80 websites college-wide.

Solutions Provided