Offering context-based content to visitors, and integrating marketing tools with Sitecore DMS

Clay Tablet

bv02 and Clay Tablet develop a website to captivate clients on a context-based content platform with integrated marketing tools.

Clay Tablet is a global leader in connecting the enterprise-grade content management systems (CMS) of large multinational corporations with their translation service of choice. Their clients include such companies as Nikon, Honda, and SAP. As the purveyors of digital technology services to the Fortune-500 market, their website has to sing. Yet, when they came to bv02 their site was in need of a significant redesign.

At the outset of this website redesign, Clay Tablet had identified several key objectives. They wanted to be on a world-class CMS like the ones they support, such as Sitecore or Adobe CQ. They wanted to take advantage of inbound/outbound digital marketing tools. They needed a platform for context-based content on location and audience. And, when servicing customers, they have to be able to both accommodate and control, given their broad reach, multiple service lines, and regional demands.

bv02 focused on understanding the business model of this leading provider of translation software to determine the best approach for this initiative. We knew we needed to develop a digital strategy to correctly funnel sales opportunities. We also needed to develop a content strategy that aligned their tone and voice with the needs of their audience, develop new content for the site, and develop a workflow for their lean, in-house content team.

Following significant strategy work, bv02 created a beautifully designed, modern website with streamlined content on the Sitecore platform. This CMS answered all their needs for offering context-based content to visitors, and integrating marketing tools with Sitecore DMS. The site is fully responsive, presenting the appropriate content on all devices regardless of screen size or browser.

In developing the site’s new information architecture, we simplified the sales funnel for demo’ing their products as well as the purchase process, and streamlined the content to get website users to the information they need with fewer clicks. We integrated the site with the Salesforce CRM, strengthening the sales channel relationship and allowing for easier management of the sales process.

The new site is also easy to update for website administrators and content editors and has been built in an extensible fashion. When Clay Tablet is ready to move into new markets or add new feature sets, the site does not need to be rebuilt but can be incrementally added to as needed.

Clay Tablet can now feel confident that their digital platform matches the level of technology services they offer to their clients. With a modern, visually appealing site that connects them to their customers and provides them with the tools to engage and convert, this company has taken a major step forward with this redesign.

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