Designed to communicate their differentiator as leaders in the construction industry

M.P. Lundy Construction Video

Storytelling that builds M.P. Lundy Contruction's brand, right from the beginning of the sales cycle.

M.P. Lundy Construction is a premier provider of construction services in Ottawa, Ontario. They specialize in unique construction projects, including several LEED-certified environmental projects, with a business model based on building exceptional relationships with their clients and partners. bv02 worked closely with the M.P. Lundy team to create two promotional videos that showcase their approach to construction projects.

The first video was designed to communicate with individuals who were at the beginning of the sales process who visited Lundy’s website to learn more about the company. It features interviews with three different clients, from different industries, discussing the construction process while working with Lundy. The second video, cut from the same interview footage, is significantly shorter, and was designed to be shown at the end of sales presentations to reinforce key messages.

The videos’ distribution via digital channels as well as their use as sales tools in presentations have helped clarify to potential clients what differentiates M.P. Lundy from other companies in their field.

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