A digital marketing campaign to reach a nationwide audience

So You Want To Be An Artist?

An exciting digital marketing campaign that helps the National Gallery of Canada connect with arts-focused Canadian youth.

The National Gallery of Canada is a leading Canadian arts institution that houses a vast permanent collection of cultural resources. One of their primary goals is to engage young Canadians with the visual arts and help connect them with these resources. As a result, they are continually looking for ways to engage with Canadian youth. This lead them to create the So You Want To Be An Artist? competition, which allows 16 to 19 year old Canadians to enter their artwork and connect with gallery curators and influential art critics.

After a successful first year, the Gallery aimed to build on the So You Want To Be An Artist? program to create an annual competition. In order to do so, they set specific goals around visibility and participation for the second year of SYWTBAA. bv02’s involvement in the first year of the contest with the web design, graphics and social media marketing positioned us as the clear choice to help the Gallery achieve their goals.

To build on the program, bv02 updated all of the existing digital materials across the ExpressionEngine-built website and the branded social media presences. With this platform in place, we used Facebook ads and Google AdWords to create a comprehensive eMarketing campaign and reach a nationwide audience in a targeted, cost-effective way.

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