Redeveloped the University's website to engage a larger audience

University of Ottawa

bv02 and the University of Ottawa redesign the institution's website, streamlining the user experience and increasing overall traffic to the site.  

The University of Ottawa is one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions and as such requires a modern website that provides easy access to information about their programs and other offerings. In 2009, bv02 was asked to redesign the website to meet the changing needs of the University as it reaches out to engage a larger audience, across Canada and internationally.

To meet the University’s requirements, bv02 redeveloped the site’s main navigation, layout and design, making it responsive to desktop and mobile device alike. Social media elements like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were also integrated into the new website. The redesign brought an overwhelmingly positive response — streamlining the website visitor’s experience and increasing overall traffic to the site.  

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