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The Petrobelli Altarpiece Portal

During the 1560s, leading Italian renaissance artist Paolo Veronese created the Petrobelli Altarpiece (1563) for a small chapel outside Venice.

Later divided up for profit by a Venetian art dealer, this incredible work was dispersed among different collections for hundreds of years. In 2009, it was exhibited in its entirety for the first time, and the National Gallery of Canada was amongst those fortunate few museums to be able to display it. As part of its efforts to share this historic moment with Canadians, the NGC commissioned a virtual exhibit from bv02 to provide online access to the work. With this initiative, bv02 created an interactive research portal to showcase the work’s creation, restoration and reconstruction, and to highlight the dramatic history behind the Petrobelli Altarpiece. Videos, photographs and detailed textual analysis of the work bring it to life for the online viewer.

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