The Deckster - An iPod Nano Timepiece


Everyone in Ottawa loves (or should love) to support local companies, and today a local company needs your help. N-product is raising funds to produce their first product called Deckster which is an watch case that can hold the newest iPod Nano. The watch is entirely made in North America using sustainable processes.... Read more »

Arctic Watch


bv02 had the amazing opportunity to profile the majesty of Arctic Watch, while establishing a new online presence and larger digital footprint for the brand. provides information for prospective guests, and allows them to choose from a variety of tailored trips and make reservations. The site was built... Read more »

Martini Madness


November is Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Month, and on November 3, 2010, bv02 was a proud sponsor of Martini Madness– an annual fundraiser for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada's Ottawa Chapter. The event, which was held at Lago Bar Grill View, attracted 350 guests for a night of martinis, music and... Read more »

Palladium Insurance


With a recent relocation to a more comfortable and attractive setting in Kanata, Palladium Insurance wanted a website to reflect their benevolent approach to business. bv02 worked closely with Palladium to creatively develop, strategize and design a new site that better suited Palladium, but more importantly, their... Read more »

Matt's Video Corner - Algonquin Park Camping


Welcome to Matt's video corner. I realized recently that I shoot a lot of video.  I shoot video of the things I do, the events I attend, and the places I go.  I'll be posting updates of all the videos that the bv02 team and I produce for fun. So. Here is a video summation of my trip to Algonquin Park earlier this... Read more »

Put your foot on the ground.


We grow up learning so little about the Arctic and northern exploration. The amount of history, science, geography, culture, animal and plant life that surrounds the Arctic is beyond imagination. There is a common notion that you have to be an experienced explorer to go on an Arctic adventure, but such assumptions... Read more »

McGill Alumni Live 365


The McGill Alumni Association and bv02 joined forces to harness the ever expanding power of social media and created a unique content aggregate called Alumnilive365. Designed to consolidate McGill focused video, text and photographic content from around the Web this dynamic site may be the first of its kind within the... Read more »

National Gallery of Canada - Careers


The National Gallery of Canada is a dynamic and engaging institution full of people who are passionate about what they do. Writers, researchers, chemists and teachers, amongst others, have all built out incredibly satisfying careers at the Gallery. In an effort to continue attracting talented personnel, the National... Read more »

Natalie MacLean


When she came to bv02 on the heels of the book's positive reception, Natalie MacLean made it clear that she needed a web presence that would match her reputation and provide her with the tools to expand her business. bv02 did just that, providing a new contemporary design and page layout, two new wine review and food... Read more »

Natalie MacLean


Natalie MacLean is an accredited sommelier, wine writer, speaker and judge. Her book ‘Red, White & Drunk All Over’, is a fabulous read that bv02 recommends to anyone who is interested in wine regardless of their existing knowledge. Natalie’s email newsletter has tens of thousands of subscribers... Read more »

Koko Chocolates


Everyone loves chocolate and bv02 is no exception! Together with the chocolate experts at Koko Chocolates, the bv02 team has created a website that users can almost taste! The clean and concise design makes the Koko Chocolates website experience a simple and enjoyable one. bv02's interest in creating the website was... Read more »