Drupal theming: User configurable node templates


A reoccurring challenge in developing a Drupal site is allowing users to select a template for a node. Maybe it's choosing between 'news' or 'events' styling or different ways to present a blog post, but users like to feel empowered to control the layout while using a single node type. In this short post, I’ll... Read more »

Hutchins Center for African & African American Research


This major center for scholarship required a new identity and website to be developed on a very short timeline, in order to coincide with the research fellowship application cycle and allow for their online submission. To accomplish this goal, Bruce Mau Design (BMD) and bv02 collaborated to deliver a site that... Read more »

Guarantee Gold


The Guarantee Company of North America is one of the largest insurers of enterprise corporations in North America. When it came time to launch a new product offering, the Guarantee Company approached bv02 to develop a strategy that would allow them to engage with their existing customers both on a B2B level and... Read more »

Canada Council for the Arts


Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s national arts-funding agency, and as such they work with a variety of artists across disciplines. Yet when they came to bv02, their website’s visual identity didn’t truly reflect the importance of art within the organization. This sparked a partnership between the Council... Read more »

M.P. Lundy Construction Video


M.P. Lundy Construction is a premier provider of construction services in Ottawa, Ontario. They specialize in unique construction projects, including several LEED-certified environmental projects, with a business model based on building exceptional relationships with their clients and partners. bv02 worked closely... Read more »

War of 1812


1812 is a unique traveling exhibition curated by the Canadian War Museum to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812. It showcases four historical perspectives on this pivotal event: U.S., British, Canadian and Native American. Such an engaging exhibition requires an equally immersive web presence, one that... Read more »

Winged Tapestries App


The Canadian Museum of Nature curated the Winged Tapestries: Moths at Large exhibition to explore the often-overlooked beauty of moths through a series of 45 large-format images by photographer Jim des Rivières. This impressive beauty, largely hidden due to the nocturnal nature of the subjects, is the foundation for... Read more »

Twitter Takeover - Matt Davidson


Our brand isn’t defined by a single person – it’s in the hands of each bv02 employee, every day. So today, we’re taking it literally, and we’re handing over the keys to the bv02 Twitter account. The Twitter Takeovers will continue as a regular series every other Friday, to help you get to know the... Read more »

Adaptive Images in Sitecore


Hello folks. I have released a first version of the Sitecore Adaptive Images module. I think it will be a very useful codebase to start from and I’m excited to continue extending its functionality in the coming weeks and months. The idea of adaptive images is nothing new, but this module takes that concept and... Read more »

Less is more: the conference


"Less is more." While this saying rings true in many industries and contexts, it's especially true in the field of design, making it true for every industry design touches. That's a lot of industries, including everything from web to hospitality. That's why on November 1st, ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson is hosting the... Read more »

About ePhysicianHealth


Who’s the doctor’s doctor? That question lead the ePhysician Health team to build an online learning and assessment portal to help doctors and their families understand their current health state and health issues that relate specifically to professionals in the medical industry. Yet because the portal had been... Read more »