Analytics. Measure everything.

We love clearly defined objectives and key performance indicators. They tell us what we need to exceed in order to make you successful.

With our sights set on over-achievement, we can build, track, measure and analyze our progress. When we’re done, we’ll do it again and again to keep you in a state of continuous learning and improvement.

Whether you’re looking for website, application or mobile analytics, we work with you to break it down, understand how to apply insight to campaigns, SEO and real time social media analysis.
Basically all the things that matter and make your digital engagement matter.

Let’s start a conversation about how we can work with you to solve some of your most pressing digital challenges. Start a project.

Some analytics services we provide to measure your success:

  • KPI Identification
  • Goals
  • Targets
  • Metrics
  • Dimensions
  • Infographics
  • ROI modeling
  • Direct response modelling
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Trend spotting
  • Sentiment and mentions analysis
  • Dashboard development
  • Customer segmentation & profiling
  • Predictive modelling
  • Open Data
  • Data strategy
  • UX and funnel analysis
  • Social segmentation
  • Social platform and landscape audit

What we Measure:

Just because you track it, doesn’t mean you know what to do with it. The key is to know what it means and know how it informs the overall digital footprint, business objectives and customer experience. The bv02 measurement model focuses on goals, targets, metrics, KPI Identification, dimensions and methods.

Our Analytics Projects

We don’t just talk about it, we actually do it. Take a look at some of the experiences we designed to help our customers create their own stories and marketing mix.

Our Analytics Blog Posts