We’re cresting on the future of mobile right now, yet some business strategists may not acknowledge this due to the nature of their business. It’s not just about technology, or mobile, it’s about your business – about what YOU want to achieve; consider your business platform and how mobile accessibility could benefit your business. Whether your website is used primarily for retail, research, or other, mobile accessibility is crucial for viewer retention and return.

Mobile isn’t just a thing anymore, it’s foundational in everybody’s business; it’s not just an option, it’s a necessity.
-Rob Woodbridge, Mobile Strategist

There is an advance surge of companies who are currently riding the wave, some who are swimming to catch up because they realize the power behind the wave, and some who are being crashed upon because they fail to see the future that lies in Mobile. It’s time to consider where your business or organization lies on the mobile spectrum and acknowledge the fact that Mobile will become foundational in everybody’s business. So, ask yourself this – do you want to be riding the wave, or have it crash upon you?

It’s not about a Mobile or Digital Strategy – it’s about Business Strategy.

According to brick&mobile, 1 in 4 Canadians will soon “cut the cord” and depend solely on mobile device usage. Therefore, making mobile web presence and accessibility essential to the success of your business. It’s about exercising a core strategy. People focus on the end goal, but we need to focus on what we want to get out of the platform – think about what you want to achieve. Mobile is important because it will help you find new customers and new opportunities for revenues. Mobile will keep existing customers inside of your business. Mobile will keep your progressively technology-reliant web audience satisfied. But, most importantly it’s about what you want your business to do in the mobile platform, consider the process rather than just the end result.

Mobilization – a lot to absorb?

Just like in any other digital platform, businesses and institutions will assess whether or not they should jump on ‘the next big thing’. Mobile-only, being a relatively new concept, is (by some) associated with risk and confusion. According to Woodbridge – there are so many opportunities surrounding Mobile that it becomes overwhelming, so people just stop. To some, it seems risky to do something in Mobile that may be obsolete in 6 months. However, the focus should be on the impact that it will have on the business. Consider this – as of April 21st, 2015 Google will be ranking mobile-friendly websites higher on mobile search results. The versatility of the mobile platform makes it so that any and all who decide to implement a mobile strategy into their business strategy will benefit.

For your interest…

Here are a few links that may make you a mobile-only believer:

3 responses to “bv02’s The Brief – Episode 4: Mobile Strategy: with Rob Woodbridge”

  1. The SINGLE best part of this episode is at 12:17. Start at 12:00 and play through. SO good. Thanks for having me on Andrew – it was a real blast.

    • AndrewMilne says:

      Rob, Great to have you on the show. Fantastic conversation on Mobile business and the future opportunities for any type of business.

      Too many topics to cover in one show.
      Looking forward to have you back.

  2. Corey Timpson says:

    Nice discussion. I thought the brand loyalty vs method of payment slightly caught me. Anecdotally, I will definitely lose brand loyalty if the purveyor only takes cash, doesn’t take AMEX, etc. These restrictions affect my preferred and/or desired behaviour. Why use a cab when I can Uber? At some points the method of payment might even become a key characteristic of said brand. Which I might agree or disagree with.

    Also – loved the data discussion. Mobile data in museums and cultural institutions is about to be huge (location based personalization – not just of services, but content/subject/theme preferences).