From strategy, to streamlining user experience and content management

CAA North & East Ontario

bv02 and the CAA North and East Ontario division collaborated on a digital strategy and website redesign to improve user experience and mobile capabilities.

When they came to bv02, the North and East Ontario division of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) had identified the need to redesign their customer-facing website to provide a better user experience and improve membership retention. With these goals at the core of the new web initiative, bv02 developed a digital marketing strategy and website redesign for CAA NEO that would leverage the organization’s strong brand as a trusted, reliable service-provider.

The first priority for the CAA is membership, given that it is primarily a subscription-based business. As a major communications and sales tool for reaching out to this membership, the CAA NEO’s website needs to provide as much information with the least effort to the site visitor. These are often clients with a very specific, urgent goal — CAA NEO website users are primarily current members of the Association who require immediate emergency assistance. As well, the site needs to service non-members seeking program information and the ability to register with the CAA.

To begin the website redesign process and align the process with CAA NEO’s objectives, bv02 analyzed the current website’s data to identify which information was viewed most, and which information was difficult to locate or no longer relevant. This led to refinements of the sitemap of the website going forward, with the goal of helping each audience most easily find the information they are looking for.

As the website is often the primary touchpoint for members, especially for those travelling, it was especially important to create a responsive design for this website. This would allow the site to best deliver the content regardless of the device users were viewing it on. The responsive design of the site needed to ensure that all communications and information were still clear and appropriate for the user, even if the website was being delivered on a smaller screen. At the same time, bv02 developed a visual aesthetic for the site that shared aspects of the CAA NEO’s sister sites, to improve consistency and share in the brand’s overall strength and appeal.

In the next phase of the initiative, bv02 enhanced the website by creating and integrating a fully responsive Member database to enable authenticated browsing by users. This allows users to manage their memberships through a series of forms to update pertinent membership details, and subscribe to newsletters. As well, members are provided with a more streamlined access to blog and news content on various devices including desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Since the website’s launch, CAA NEO are already seeing improvements in membership engagement and retention. Based on the success of this initiative to date, bv02 and the Association are collaborating on new features for the site in the months to come. Watch this space for an update!

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