A more intuitive, accessible, and informative site for their many stakeholders

PPP Canada

PPP Canada moves to Sitecore with bv02, modernizing their website for a more intuitive and accessible online experience.

PPP Canada is a federal Crown Corporation supporting innovative public infrastructure projects using the P3 model (public-private partnerships), with the goal to deliver maximum value for Canadians, stimulate the economy, create jobs and support long-term prosperity. Since its creation in 2009, PPP Canada has become a leader in the P3 space, with multiple services and funding options to support public infrastructure projects. However, PPP Canada’s website had not evolved with the Corporation and no longer reflected its identity, becoming outdated and inflexible. In late 2013, PPP Canada and bv02 began a new web initiative to address these challenges.

As part of PPP Canada’s growth focus, the Corporation looked to bv02 to redevelop and redesign its public facing website with the following requirements: it needed to be easy to use and maintain in-house on an on-going basis; to be a more intuitive, accessible, and informative site for their many stakeholders and the Canadian public at large; to establish the PPP Canada’s brand, business priorities and service offerings; to meet their reporting and legislative requirements, in particular as regards to accessibility and promoting transparency; and to be extensible as the Corporation matures.

Through a series of discovery sessions, workshops and stakeholder interviews, bv02 and PPP Canada determined that the new site required a revised information architecture, that would direct website users quickly to the various lines of business now prioritized within PPP Canada, and to the many layers of corporate information required as part of transparency to the public. This included a clear focus on their role as advisors and providers of expertise for P3 partnerships, both within Canada and internationally. Existing features of the site took on more significant roles in the redesign, with a searchable, filterable Resource Library and interactive Project Map.

To clearly present their brand as an innovative and results-oriented Crown Corporation, the site’s design needed to be fresh and show both their relationship with and distinctness from the Government of Canada. bv02 accomplished this by developing a contemporary, minimal design that highlights their project successes with engaging graphics and cool colour palette. Accessibility was a major concern for the design team in selecting this palette and when designing the interface, with the intention that website users with low vision or other disabilities would be able to navigate and identify the different types of content on the site.

bv02 developed the website using the Sitecore CMS, answering PPP Canada’s requirements around ease of use and maintenance. As a .NET platform, PPP Canada’s web administrators find content management via Sitecore to be intuitive and flexible. It also offers different types of roles and workflows that can be fine tuned to suit their publishing needs. Sitecore’s responsive framework allowed bv02’s development team to easily deliver the site across browsers and platforms. And importantly, the site is extensible, and can be adapted as the Corporation adds new lines of business over time. It is a robust but flexible system that will allow PPP Canada to maintain their website in-house on a daily basis and over time.

All of this was accomplished on a very challenging timeline, as the web build was required to align with the Corporation’s funding cycles. Since its launch in early 2014, both internal and external stakeholders at PPP Canada report that the website is being very positively received. Looking forward, PPP Canada now has many options open to them for expanding their reach and rebuilding their digital footprint on the Sitecore platform.

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