Canadian Patient Safety Institute
Strategy focused on leveraging content throughout their digital footprint

Canadian Patient Safety Institute

A multi-faceted approach to user experience that will allow the Canadian Patient Safety Institute to deliver critical information on patient safety across their digital footprint, regardless of a visitor’s device.

Established by Health Canada in 2003, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) is a not-for-profit organization that works with governments, health organizations, leaders, and healthcare providers to inspire improvement in patient safety and quality. One of the most important conduits to share information and communicate to their diverse audiences is their website. When looking to consolidate and redesign their seven web properties, CPSI chose bv02 as the team to ideate a new user experience and provide a digital roadmap to achieving a modernized web experience.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute has seven web properties that will be consolidated and redesigned to create an exceptional user experience for their many audiences, including frontline healthcare workers, middle managers, senior leaders and Boards. Understanding how CPSI’s stakeholders and visitors engage with their institution was key to forming a strategy for this work. bv02 therefore conducted significant research into the institute through workshops, stakeholder interviews and focus groups.

With the results of these sessions, bv02 devised a strategy to align with CPSI’s goal of becoming a focus for all patient safety. The idea would be to carefully combine seven individual sites into one and capitalize on campaign visits, creating a stronger brand identity without losing momentum from individual campaigns.

Much of the strategy focused on leveraging critical content, both on their site and throughout their digital footprint. CPSI is fortunate to have an abundance of content including alerts, campaigns, patient stories and all of the great content that comes from relationships with partner organizations. Creatively using these pieces in different ways across different channels will allow them to engage their audiences on many platforms. Making alerts (a CPSI success story) more visible and easier to share will deepen the Institute’s authority on patient safety and partner support. And implementation of a few key social engagement tactics, such as in-site sharing and comments, will strengthen CPSI’s brand authority. The end goal is to help users find content quickly and efficiently.

With this strategy in place, bv02 developed a new information architecture and responsive functional design / wireframes for the new CPSI website. The new site’s user experience will provide a human face to the Institute and stress the innovative nature of the organization, while leveraging campaigns, events, and patient stories to raise patient safety awareness. Accessibility, and the migration of existing assets, are also central to the functional design and strategy deliverables.

This multi-faceted approach to user experience will allow the Canadian Patient Safety Institute to deliver critical information on patient safety to their many audiences across their digital footprint and regardless of which device a visitor is accessing it from. This will undoubtedly raise awareness of the Institute’s mandate, leading to the transformation of patient safety across Canada.

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