People neglect their smart phones during the cold winter months. So we found a solution


Each year, the bv02 team creates a memorable and engaging Christmas project, and 2011 was no exception.

For Christmas 2011, we decided to create a PSA style video campaign to save the smart phones. The idea was simple. We live in Ottawa, and it’s cold here. We found that many people neglect their smart phones during these cold winter months. So we found a solution.

We hand-knit over 300 smart phone sweaters and sent them out to our clients and friends. We then prompted them to take a photo of their phone wrapped up all cozy, and post it for their chance to win a hand-knit sweater for their iPad or laptop. That’s not all. For people who didn’t receive a smart phone sweater, we asked them to post a photo of their cold phone – and then we sent them sweaters.

The website was accompanied by an entertaining video and interactive galleries of both warm, and neglected smart phones. The project was festive and fun, and we received some amazing feedback. What will we do next year? You’ll have to wait and see!

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