A new brand requires a new digital presence

Urban Equation

BuildGreen was changing its name and changing its brand, so they needed a digital creative agency to design and develop a new website that projects this new image and message.

BuildGreen was going through changes–in particular, they were changing their name to Urban Equation. They’d had a lot of success under the BuildGreen name, and it really spoke to what they did, providing sustainable design thinking for urban development projects.

But there was a problem with the name; it was difficult to stand out. There were a whole lot of other Build Greens out there. Further, they were taking a fuller, more holistic approach to sustainable development. It wasn’t just about environmentally-friendly developments; it was about livability and smart city development. With this new perspective, sustainable development meant projects that supported a sustainable lifestyle, provided financial sustainability and were developed in an environmentally-responsible manner.

And thus, the Urban Equation identity was born.

Having gone through a full re-brand process, they had a new name, a new identity and a new message to express. Next, they needed a new web presence. With the goal of expanding on the new visual style developed as part of the re-brand, Urban Equation turned to bv02 to design and launch a website that would express their voice and their vision, digitally.

There were two main aspects to this. They needed to showcase their people and their projects.

Urban Equation has a multi-talented and multi-faceted team. They have architects, designers, engineers and strategists–all experienced in their respective fields and all dedicated building a better, more sustainable urban environment. The website needed to present the team, highlight their expertise, and demonstrate that they were trustworthy industry leaders.

Urban Equation has worked on significant projects across North America. They have taken on development initiatives that are focused on reconfiguring and rehabilitating areas, bringing to life rejuvenated, modern, urban communities. From Ottawa (Algonquin College, The Eddy) to Victoria (Dockside Green) to Toronto (Wynford Green) and everywhere in between, they have worked on projects based on green-living, walkability, mix-use and digitally-focused components.

Just as these projects take into account all aspects of sustainability and livability, so too did the website need to project their thoughtful, holistic approach to building better communities.

bv02 entered the project as not only a web design firm, but as a digital partner who could provide insights and guidance to expand on–and establish digital representations of–the visual style of the new brand.

We provided guidance on photography and imagery for their digital property. This included determining the types of visuals to use; how to best present the team in photos; and what it means to look sophisticated and educated, yet approachable.

In the end, we developed a three-page website that provides extensive information about Urban Equation, their philosophy, their team and their past projects in an economic and efficient way. We took the project from the initial Discovery phase through Strategy, UX, Design, Development and Launch.

Solutions Provided