Got big ideas for your website? Drupal gets the job done on an SEO-friendly, stable and flexible system.

When you work with bv02, it’s all about collaborating and adapting to your business needs. So we’re thrilled to be able to use a content management system that’s been created with the same ethic in mind.

The Drupal content management system is an open-source CMS that is community-built and driven — this means that it’s free to use and is continually updated by a developer group that numbers in the thousands with the most requested web features. It can handle all the complexity you need, while still being easy to manage for your team.

Think of Drupal as being like a building set, where the blocks are modules that allow you to grow or modify your site as your organization changes. At the same time, it is one of the most stable systems available — Drupal is intended to be extendible, on a base of quality code. Core updates won’t break your site, so you can spend your valuable time on what matters most, communicating with your audience. So bring on those ideas!

Does Drupal sound like the right platform for your next website? Connect with us to see how we can work together.

Drupal offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a CMS, and more. Here are just a few of its features:

  • Easy configuration
  • Multi-layered user permissions
  • Personalized dashboard pages
  • Easy-to-use content moderation system
  • Multi-site option
  • Automate tasks like sending emails using Action module
  • Create lists of inter-related content with Views
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Social Publishing
  • Translation module
  • Workflows for tight control over public/private content
  • Organic Groups module that fosters collaboration
  • Simple login system that offers connections via Facebook Connect, OpenID
  • RSS publishing
  • Search-engine friendly for improved SEO
  • Facebook Connect, Twitter and ShareThis modules
  • Interact with SharePoint & Alfresco
  • Media module to securely incorporate third-party content
  • Easily handles many different content types, including pages, blog posts, video, podcasts, polls, files and images
  • Create blogs, forums, intranets
  • Calendar module for pop-up event calendars
  • Google Map integration creates interactive maps
  • E-commerce & advertising capabilities
  • Faceted search with no dead-ends
  • Flexible content storage options (incl. MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle)
  • More than 16,000 add-on modules




Every time a user comes to your site, the experience they have reflects on your organization. Drupal allows that experience to be a positive one, even when your content is many layers deep.

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