Drupal 8 RC is here


The Drupal 8 release candidate (RC) is here at long last.  The RC has come after a year in beta and has inspired hope our shop that we’ll have an official release soon. 

We are confident that our code is stable enough for wider testing by site owners, developers, and end users. – Drupal Core Team

A release date for Drupal 8.0.0 has not been set but they’re planning on formal RC updates twice a month until it is ready.  The timeline will be dependent on bug fixes, of which there are some interesting ones, but, in general, the time is now to start thinking about that first D8 project.  Start small. Possible candidates being a small test site, a blog, a migration of a very old Drupal 6 site.

Being in Ottawa, a very bilingual city, we’re especially excited about the translation updates.  Also, I expect we’ll find the new MVC (model, view, controller) & template updates are going to make for better software. 

Bring on Drupal 8.


Photo taken at Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014 by Pedro Lozano 

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