Three Essential Tools to Test Your Website


When your customers interact with your brand online, it’s critical that you provide them the best experience possible. Your website is the pillar that supports all of your digital marketing efforts. To start improving your online presence, you need to answer three critical questions about your website. In General,... Read more »

Bridging the Knowledge Gap


Achieve content leadership by providing useful, informative and accessible online content. Let’s face it, you bring amazing value and services to your clients. You already use your website to inform and educate, and you might also feel it works quite well. The problem is your website is not being found online.... Read more »

Digital Marketing: Canadian Electricity Association/National...


bv02 worked with the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) to develop and execute a digital campaign to create awareness of and increase engagement with their National Electricity Month program and website. Through a comprehensive set of stakeholder interviews and a detailed environmental... Read more »

Digital Marketing: Bodylogix/Lex PR


The Winning Combination is one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of natural health products and nutrition supplements, including the Bodylogix product line, a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive brand. With the goal of increasing brand awareness and sales, The Winning Combination and public relations agency LexPR began... Read more »

Reflections on IoT613 and the Carsharing Conference


    The week of September 21st had me in back-to-back conferences. Interesting similarities in integration, analytics and disruption - across the country, at the Carsharing Association Conference and at IoT613. In Vancouver, at the Carsharing Conference, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel of experts... Read more »

The Internet of Things: A Primer


“...imagine a world where everything from kitchen appliances, to doorways, to chairs, to potted plants is able to tell you about your customers and their needs. What could your marketing team do if they knew that much more about your audience?" For marketers, smart devices have opened a whole new set of... Read more »

Students On Ice - Digital Strategy


Students on Ice (SOI) is a leader in the education field relating to the Arctic and Antarctic, offering polar expeditions for international youth that foster respect for the environment and provide teaching and learning opportunities for educators and scientists. This award-winning not-for-profit organization, which... Read more »

Digital Governance - How are you managing risk while driving...


If you had’ve told me a year ago that I’d become consumed with the concept of digital governance and developing frameworks to make digital governance manageable for enterprises, universities, and municipalities, I’m not sure I would have believed you. But, a year later, and digital governance has grown into a... Read more »

Andrew's Espresso Shot: Is Print Dead?


Is print dead? This is a question that I have been asked a lot recently, rightfully so since I have made it very clear that I don’t do print. I have witnessed newspapers, catalogues, and magazines all drop in viewership and countless articles claiming print is dying, but do I think print is dead? No, Print is... Read more »

A New Paradigm In Transit: Understanding Mobility as a Service


The genesis of this conversation came from thoughts around ridesharing and how it's changing the face of customer service, but as we dive deeper or look further afield, we see it's only the tip of the iceberg. Spending the last 3 days at the Canadian Urban Transport Association conference in Winnipeg added perspective... Read more »

Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy


When the Canada Council for the Arts came to bv02, they found themselves challenged to engage their audiences with an outdated website. What they sought was a strategy that would provide direction on developing the right content and digital tools to communicate with artists and help them fulfill their mandate as a... Read more »