Heritage Passages: Bytown and The Rideau Canal


bv02 has a long history of collaborating with our partners to make culture accessible online, so when the Bytown Museum and Carleton University came to us with a new web initiative that would present the history of the building of the Rideau Canal, we were thrilled to take part. Heritage Passages: Bytown and the... Read more »

Digital Governance - How are you managing risk while driving...


If you had’ve told me a year ago that I’d become consumed with the concept of digital governance and developing frameworks to make digital governance manageable for enterprises, universities, and municipalities, I’m not sure I would have believed you. But, a year later, and digital governance has grown into a... Read more »

A New Paradigm In Transit: Understanding Mobility as a Service


The genesis of this conversation came from thoughts around ridesharing and how it's changing the face of customer service, but as we dive deeper or look further afield, we see it's only the tip of the iceberg. Spending the last 3 days at the Canadian Urban Transport Association conference in Winnipeg added perspective... Read more »

Canadian Commercial Corporation


The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is a Crown Corporation that helps Canadian businesses become exporters to international markets. When they came to bv02, their existing website provided no clear path to turn page views into engagements, such as sales leads or requests for more information. Additionally,... Read more »

OC Transpo Mobile Website


Today was a very exciting day for us at bv02 and for our client, OC Transpo.  Andrew Milne, along with Chair Diane Deans and OC Transpo General Manager Alain Mercier introduced Ottawa to the new and improved OC Transpo mobile website - located at The new mobi website makes the most commonly used... Read more »

bv02's Andrew Milne Judges Algonquin/OC Transpo Video Contest


Our very own CEO Andrew Milne, Max Keeping of CTV and OC Transpo General Manager Alain Mercier have selected the best of 10 videos filmed by Algonquin College's Public Relations and Television Broadcasting students. The entrants have created videos to help remind the public of the importance of priority seating on... Read more »

Bees: A Honey of an Idea


Designed to align with the physical exhibit, "Bees" is an educational resource which provides in-depth information about the Bee species in an entertaining and captivating way. The piece incorporates Flash animation to convey fun and informative facts and is a useful tool for kids, teachers and parents... Read more »

Virtual Museum of Canada


The Virtual Museum of Canada is an interactive site that integrates collections from museums across the country; it acts as a go-to hub for Canadians in getting the latest in museum news. Intent on giving their web videos new branding, VMC approached bv02 to create standardized animated bumpers. Using Motion Graphics... Read more »

Virtual Museum of Canada Video


Intent on giving their web videos new branding, VMC approached bv02 to create standardized animated bumpers. Using Motion Graphics techniques in conjunction with After Effects, bv02 created an animated bumper for all future VMC web... Read more »

OC Transpo Video


OC Transpo underwent various modifications and route changes to its transit system this past fall to increase reliability and accessibility of its services. These services have approximately 1 million Ottawa residences relying on them daily. OC Transpo partnered up with the bv02 team to create a video that would... Read more »

OC Transpo


OC Transpo provides comprehensive transit services to nearly million people in Ottawa. Their fleet has over 1000 buses and 3 trains that serve close to 370,000 daily riders. Their web site receives 17,000 visitors each day as people seek transit schedules and routing updates. The challenge OC Transpo faced was that... Read more »