Urban Equation


BuildGreen was going through changes--in particular, they were changing their name to Urban Equation. They’d had a lot of success under the BuildGreen name, and it really spoke to what they did, providing sustainable design thinking for urban development projects. But there was a problem with the name; it was... Read more »

Three Essential Tools to Test Your Website


When your customers interact with your brand online, it’s critical that you provide them the best experience possible. Your website is the pillar that supports all of your digital marketing efforts. To start improving your online presence, you need to answer three critical questions about your website. In General,... Read more »

Why a Digital Audit is Important for Success in 2017


Audit is a scary word. Yes, words like digital audit, web audit and SEO audit are scary, but in reality they’re a chance for an exciting opportunity. A digital audit will give you the knowledge you need to enhance online story, presence, credibility and accessibility, and to build meaningful engagements. The... Read more »

Digital Marketing: Canadian Electricity Association/National...


bv02 worked with the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) to develop and execute a digital campaign to create awareness of and increase engagement with their National Electricity Month program and website. Through a comprehensive set of stakeholder interviews and a detailed environmental... Read more »

Digital Marketing: So You Want To Be An Artist


The National Gallery of Canada is "one of the world’s most respected art institutions, revered for its scholarship, applauded for its ability to engage audiences of all ages and all levels of artistic knowledge, and renowned for its exceptional collection of approximately 65,000 works of art." bv02 worked with the... Read more »

Gilmore Marketing


Gilmore is a multi-national corporation with a wealth of experience in providing content delivery and supply chain services, such as printing, reproduction, financial and IT, to the private and public sectors. As a natural outgrowth of these services, Gilmore formed a new division to offer marketing to their clients... Read more »

Polar Catalyst: Crowdfunding for Students on Ice


The Students on Ice Foundation was looking for an innovative way to raise money for initiatives that advance and benefit the polar regions. bv02 created Polar Catalyst, a crowdfunding platform that would allow the Foundation to connect with their audience online and raise the money needed for projects that create a... Read more »

IKEA turns Instagram into a Website


As one of the fastest growing social media photo sharing platforms in the world, with over 200 million monthly active users, it was only a matter of time before a brand leveraged Instagram’s capabilities to create a fun - and free - alternative to a website. IKEA recently used the site to launch a web-based catalog... Read more »

Are you going the last mile with your responsive website?


I’ve spoken about responsive development and how important it is before, but this post isn’t about that: responsive is already something you have to be doing, and if you aren’t doing it now, you’ll have a major redesign on your hands in a year or two. This post is about how, once you’ve done a responsive... Read more »

Mobile Photography Vernissage


At bv02 we work hard, and play hard. We’re just as creative outside the office as we are in the boardroom, and we wanted to share some of that with you. Every once in a while we’ll post something (like this) on the blog that sets the work aside and gives you some unique insight into the people behind the... Read more »

Responsive Design: If you aren't paying attention, you should be.


I've been saying businesses need to go mobile for over a year now.  That question isn't up for debate, with mobile web traffic projected to surpass desktop browsing in the next few years, but the questions about technology remain.  Are platform-specific websites the way to go, with a site specifically built for... Read more »