Three Essential Tools to Test Your Website


When your customers interact with your brand online, it’s critical that you provide them the best experience possible. Your website is the pillar that supports all of your digital marketing efforts. To start improving your online presence, you need to answer three critical questions about your website.

In General, How Good Is My Website?

It’s easy enough to get an impression about a website–you take a look at it and click around a bit to figure out if it’s good or bad. But to get a real sense of how good your website is, you have to move beyond impressions and gut feelings. You need metrics. You need objective measurements and fact-based analysis. To get this, you need an audit.

We often start our full audits with a tool called Nibbler. It will look at many different factors related to your website’s performance, SEO, rank and visibility. A lot of people use semrush for their SEO, you can view this SEMrush tutorial to learn how to use it. You’ll get a score out of 10, plus a variety of recommendations to improve your website. Take this score as a guideline, it is no substitute for a a full bv02 digital audit.

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Website Test

Is My Website Mobile-Friendly?

According to the Google Consumer Barometer, 73% of Canadians use smartphones. Mobile has become such a game-changing part of our lives, some of us take it for granted. For 68% of us, our smartphones are the first things we look at in the morning, and we turn to this amazing device 150 times a day.

The problems is that many companies do not provide mobile users the experience they deserve. I recommend you quickly try the Google Mobile-Friendly Test to see if your website provides a mobile-friendly experience that smartphone users expect.

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Mobile Friendly Test

How Do People Find My Website?

In a related post about SEO & the Client Knowledge Gap, I mentioned the importance of search and being found online. Most people find your website by typing keywords relevant to your business into search engines, but you might not exactly know what keywords are providing you visibility online.

To find out more about what keywords you might show up for, and what keywords are driving most of your traffic, I recommend setting up & using the Google Search Console. Otherwise, SEMrush provides useful insight into traffic estimates for your website, as well as a report for the search keywords you currently rank for.

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SEO Test


Taking Action on Data

With a better understanding of your website, it’s time to get started on a solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Feel free to read more about 

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