Let’s talk Digital Transformation: It’s not about websites

For most organizations, managing one simple website is a thing of the past. Today, you’re managing complex digital ecosystems made up of many assets or channels. You fight to keep pace and you consistently have to do more with less – especially if you’re a public sector organization.

Our business is more complex too! Our senior strategists spend their time helping you to ensure you’re operating the healthiest digital ecosystem – one that allows you to achieve your business goals. We map a current state, a desired future state and all the steps in between. In some cases, these are multi-year, multi-million dollar journeys. This is digital transformation.

A buzz phrase?

A transformation is a complete or major change. Digital transformation isn’t a buzz phrase. Well … maybe it’s a bit of a buzz phrase but it’s easy to see why – it’s powerful.

To effectively connect with your target audiences online, you need the right people, in the right places, with the right processes and the right platforms. It’s easy to get caught in the cycle of being reactive rather than proactive.

Enter the transformation roadmap

A roadmap is a shared vision and a plan to achieve it.

We’ll work together to:

  • See and understand your digital ecosystem, governance structures, challenges and opportunities;
  • Identify where your digital business needs to be and the roles and responsibilities that will be required to support this change;
  • Document all of the considerations and actions required to close gaps and move your digital maturity forward.

Questions to consider

  • To what extent are your business goals and online goals one and the same?
  • Are your leaders digitally adept? Are they inspiring?
  • How well do you understand your users and their needs?
  • How well are you controlling the design and delivery of customer interactions through digital assets
  • Do you use ongoing research and testing to frequently seek feedback from customers and employees?
  • Are you using data from web analytics to draw insights that are translated into actionable items?
  • Are you responsive to change? Can you work in shorter, faster development cycles?

Our value

We’re the only digital agency in Canada with a highly skilled team focusing exclusively on digital transformation in core areas of practice – education, health, transit and arts & culture.

Get What You Need

  • Digital Audits & Technology Reviews
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Journey Mapping
  • User Research & User Testing
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Skills Assessments
  • Governance Models
  • Performance Measurement Plans
  • Prototypes & Hackathons
  • Mentoring & Training

We do a lot of things. But we don't do print.

Our work spans the entire digital experience, and all of the tools, techniques and technologies that go with it. To build a comprehensive digital footprint, there are six main areas you need to focus on, and our team is well-versed in helping you build a strategic business solution that incorporates all of them.


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