What’s Your Digital Footprint? — Do you really know what people think of you? Really?

From a business perspective, looking at your entire digital footprint is critical to gaining an understanding of your online identity. So many companies get micro-focused on one or two digital channels and forget to keep an eye on the big picture.

There are two parts to your digital footprint. First, you have the content, assets and properties that you actively create, manage and promote, like blog posts, videos, and status updates. It can be hard enough to stay on top of all of those pieces without even considering the second part: your passive footprint. What people see, hear and say about you online is as important as what you’re saying to them.

As I mention in the video, I often encounter discussions about the individual channels that are part of the digital footprint, when to me, it’s more about knowing how all the pieces play together.

When you’re looking at your overall digital footprint, here are a few things to ask yourself:

Is my brand and messaging consistent across channels?

When you’re delivering content in many different places and formats, it can be a challenge to maintain control over your brand. Look for opportunities to tighten up your message and increase your impact.

Which channel or content type is getting the most traffic? Where is it coming from?

Make sure you have systems in place to track your overall metrics. Each one of your channels will tell an important part of the story, but when you put them together you will get an even more powerful narrative.

Why are people looking for us online, and how are they finding us?

Dig a little deeper into the reasons people are searching for your business. Are they finding what they’re looking for? If not, maybe you can find a way to adjust your digital footprint to meet their needs.

Are we proactive in responding to questions and feedback? Do our responses reinforce our key messages?

Every comment, compliment, suggestion and complaint you receive online is another opportunity to let people know what your brand stands for – are you making the most of them?

Is everyone in the company informed about our digital marketing strategy?

This is really important. Gone are the days when the CEO was the only person who could speak on behalf of the company. Today, every member of your staff can be a champion for your brand.

So, take a look at your full digital footprint…you might be surprised at what you find. At the very least, I guarantee you that the insight you gain will be incredibly valuable to your marketing strategy. I’d love to hear what you uncover – please share in the comments!

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