On September 24th-25th, bv02 will be attending IoT613, a two-day conference dedicated to explaining and exploring the concept that has the tech world ablaze: the Internet of Things. Hosted at MakerSpace, Akendi, Capchi and Design 1st are bringing the UX and design community together to see and explore the idea of IoT and what it will mean for us in the very near future.

Come visit us and cyber experts Twelvedot as we partner on demoing some of our latest work with beacons! You can also catch me on the panel talking the Future of IoT, where we’re going with this, and what it’s going to mean for you!

See where you fit in the mix! Come check out the next big thing in device-to-device communication and find out how we plan to make it happen. Visit for tickets and if you’re into deals, contact us for a sweet promo code.

See you there!

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