Twitter Takeover: Jason Fournier


Our brand isn’t defined by a single person – it’s in the hands of each bv02 employee, every day.  So today, we’re taking it literally, and we’re handing over the keys to the bv02 Twitter account.  The Twitter Takeovers will continue as a regular series on Fridays, to help you get to know the different voices of bv02.  Let the games begin.

Meet Jason Fournier, project manager extraordinaire.  He can build you a Gantt chart in his sleep, and then wake up before dawn to capture the perfect sunrise photo. He’s just efficient like that.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up as a kid, I either wanted to be a firefighter or a rock star.

Is being a Project Manager anything like either of those?

Well, I do enjoy putting out digital fires.  [Acknowledges corny joke.]

What are your favourite parts of being in client services?

I really enjoy working with people.  I love being able to guide clients through their project and see it come to life together. It’s also great when you get to see projects from start to finish–I like the completion aspect of it. As a former product manager, I also really enjoy having input at different parts through the process and shaping the end product alongside my clients.

So, we heard a rumour you were kind of interested in photography. True or false?

True. I’m into photography. I just enjoy it–it’s a love affair that started early, and solidified during my degree in GIS and remote sensing. Now, instead of looking at pictures taken from space, I focus on photos that were taken relatively closer.

What are your favourite subjects to photograph?

I love shooting landscapes and portraits. I also enjoy black and white photography and architectural or urban shots, those are the big things. I actually don’t mind sitting in ditches.  …Let me explain: a lot of my photos are taken from low angles, because that is generally the perspective I need to get the shot.  You know who doesn’t appreciate this dedication to art?  Dogs.  This was the case last year when I was greeted by several while setting up for a shot. We both agreed to part ways.

Soundtrack to your life question: pick one situation and the most appropriate song to accompany it.

Here’s one: sunrises, and The Doors’ “Waiting for the Sun.”

I actually Instagrammed that as the title as one of my photos. I foolishly didn’t plan for the -20 temperature and didn’t have mittens or anything. I was sitting there waiting for the sun to rise behind a barn somewhere in Carp and that song started playing in my head, so now I think of it anytime I’m shooting a sunrise.

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