Andrew and Scott take on Sitecore Symposium in Vegas: Part 2


The 2014 North American Sitecore Symposium is now well underway and it has been a great experience so far. The event officially kicked off yesterday with the opening keynote by Michael Seifert (CEO, Sitecore) followed by individual keynotes for each of the product track, business track, and development track. The speaking sessions span two days and were separated by a big Sitecore party at the Marquee nightclub last night.

Everyone is excited to be here and ready to share their Sitecore knowledge (during and outside of the official sessions). Overall, I get the impression that people are proud to be working with the Sitecore platform and that pride shines through as they speak about their experiences and work.

The only downside to the entire event is that we will be missing some great sessions since there are so many to choose from in each time slot. We are doing our best to cover a wide range of topics and are gathering feedback from others for sessions we have missed. The Sitecore team has been eagerly showing off a lot of new features that will be available in the upcoming major releases of the Sitecore platform.

The major news from yesterday was Coveo announcing that a free version of their search tool will be available for use with Sitecore. The free version does scale back some of the more advanced features but will be a good entry point for a lot of Sitecore customers. While the free version of Coveo will provide advanced search capabilities and full integration with the Sitecore experience database, it will lack the ability to connect to outside repositories such as CRM systems, external product catalogs and other data sources.

It’s now time for us to get back to the Symposium and take in some more speaking sessions before the closing keynote this evening. Look for us to post a more in depth review of the conference in the near future so we can share our experiences from this great event.

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