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Teaching Sitecore: Ensure that items have at least one version


For 2015 I will be focussing a lot of blog posts on Teaching Sitecore. Since there is no freely available version of Sitecore to help developers learn the platform, many new devs are thrown in to the Sitecore world with little or no experience. This is a real problem for Sitecore partners and customers and... Read more »

Recap of the First Ottawa Sitecore Meetup


It's the Friday before Christmas and the Sitecore world is ringing with excitement today about the newly released Sitecore 8 platform. But before we get sidetracked by all the new shiny functionality built into Sitecore 8, I wanted to take a moment to recap Ottawa's first Sitecore meetup that took place on November... Read more »

Wrapping up the 2014 North American Sitecore Symposium


In recent years Sitecore has held its symposium as a biennial event every second year. I’m sure everyone would love to make it an annual event but after attending I could see how much effort was expended in planning the event – A lot! The Sitecore community has continued to grow and it’s just not feasible for... Read more »

Andrew and Scott take on Sitecore Symposium in Vegas: Part 2


The 2014 North American Sitecore Symposium is now well underway and it has been a great experience so far. The event officially kicked off yesterday with the opening keynote by Michael Seifert (CEO, Sitecore) followed by individual keynotes for each of the product track, business track, and development track. The... Read more »

Andrew and Scott take on Sitecore Symposium in Vegas: Part 1


  The 2014 North American Sitecore Symposium officially kicks off today in fabulous Las Vegas and bv02 is well represented at the event. The speaking engagements don’t start until tomorrow so today is all about settling in and will be a great opportunity to meet the Sitecore team, fellow Sitecore... Read more »

Rebuilding the Search Index on Remote Servers with Sitecore 7


I made a rookie mistake with Sitecore 7. I didn't properly define an indexing strategy before launching a new multi-server Sitecore instance. I have spent a lot of time working with Sitecore 7 but have found myself overwhelmed by the myriad of indexing strategies available for our shiny new Sitecore websites.... Read more »

All About Sitecore Mobile Development


Almost every major organization now has a significant online mobile presence in order to better interact with their audience. To Sitecore’s credit they have been very forward thinking within the mobile space since they have anticipated this trend and added core functionality to Sitecore in order to help with mobile... Read more »

Adaptive Images in Sitecore


Hello folks. I have released a first version of the Sitecore Adaptive Images module. I think it will be a very useful codebase to start from and I’m excited to continue extending its functionality in the coming weeks and months. The idea of adaptive images is nothing new, but this module takes that concept and... Read more »

bv02 is now a Certified Sitecore Partner


We are very pleased to announce that bv02 is now an official Sitecore Partner! Sitecore is a fully featured enterprise-scale CMS platform that is well established and has received global recognition as an industry leader. As a certified Sitecore Partner, bv02 will be able to leverage the power and flexibility of... Read more »

CES 2012: TVs Make a Comeback


After a week of new technology on display at CES 2012 the overwhelming feeling I’m left with is that there was nothing really all that overwhelming. CES was in full swing again this year with its extravagant invite-only parties, out of place celebrities, and the annual painfully awkward Keynote from Microsoft... Read more »