bv02 is now a Certified Sitecore Partner


We are very pleased to announce that bv02 is now an official Sitecore Partner!

Sitecore is a fully featured enterprise-scale CMS platform that is well established and has received global recognition as an industry leader. As a certified Sitecore Partner, bv02 will be able to leverage the power and flexibility of Sitecore with our creative approach to yield some amazing results.

Here is a short list highlighting some of the features that Sitecore has to offer:

  • Sitecore features the ability to run multiple websites and administer each site in multiple languages. This is important as more and more organisations use their online presence to reach a global audience.
  • Sitecore is integrated with a Digital Marketing System that allows its websites to better interact with the user. This leads to better customer engagement because you are able to tailor the user experience based what the user needs. For example, you may wish to serve different content to a user based on what region of the world they are from.
  • Optimize the content for all the different devices your audience may use to browse your website. Whether it be mobile, a tablet, or through a RSS feed, Sitecore can detect and send the optimized content to your users.

Here at bv02 we understand the importance of continually evolving in order to better meet the needs of our clients. That is why we are so excited to add this award winning Content Management System to our growing arsenal of solutions.

Ready to get started with Sitecore?  Contact bv02 today.

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