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Why you need more games in your office.


I am well known in the bv02 office for my love of board games. The recent influx of popularity in the hobby has caused many cities to sprout board game cafes where patrons can pay a minimal fee to sit and play for hours. I've spoken at length to anyone who will listen about the merits of games as a hobby and an... Read more »

Zero-Day Vulnerability: WordPress Security Bulletin


WordPress has recently released a warning of a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in its code and has urged administers to update their sites immediately. You may have seen this referred to in the media as the "Zero-Day Vulnerability".  The essence of Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities is that they can allow... Read more »

Bash Bug: What you need to know


Last Wednesday the web was on high alert after the discovery of the Bash Bug (also known as ShellShock and BashDoor). A vulnerability discovered in the UNIX bash shell with the potential of being much worse than HeartBleed, this year's earlier gaping security flaw. Let's start from the top: Bash is the command... Read more »

'Change every password everywhere': HeartBleed's Threat to Web...


If you are running OpenSSL on your servers, please make sure to fix the HeartBleed Bug as soon as possible. As many of you have heard by now, the web has recently been struck by an internet-wide security flaw known as the HeartBleed Bug. HeartBleed affects sites that use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.... Read more »