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What to do when bums in seats aren’t enough


If you ever get to New York City’s Lower East side, make sure you visit the Tenement Museum. It’s small and easy to miss because it blends into the streetscape, but well worth the search. A poignant monument to the immigrant experience in New York, this century-old rooming house is like stepping back in time. I... Read more »

Crowdfunding for Arts and Culture


If you do not know what crowdfunding is or have not had the chance to read our blog on Introduction to Crowdfunding, please review it prior to reading this blog. Crowdfunding for art and culture is a unique environment compared to other industries. What you’re asking is the ability to expand or add to someone’s... Read more »

Your most valuable audience: The constituency of kids


Kids are all for museums, but are museums for kids? Most organizations try looking for untapped value, some little gem that can be re-developed to help them grow.  Nurturing the constituency of young museum-goers is one of those gems; nothing short of how a museum can build a sustainable brand. Kids show up with... Read more »

Introduction to Crowdfunding


What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a relatively new method of raising capital from a variety of networks, expanding your donor base to fund ideas and projects. It allows a large number of people to contribute and get behind your project, whether you’re working on social causes, product development, research and... Read more »

The movie trailer, for Museums


Movie fan or not, you know what a “trailer” is. Hollywood has been using them since 1913 when the Loews theatre chain produced a short film promoting a new Broadway musical. It was essentially a cost-cutting innovation: producers felt showing a commercial in cinemas would make traditional billboard advertising... Read more »

United Way Centraide Canada National Website Redesign


United Way Centraide Canada’s mission is “to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.” UWCC is a major fixture in Canadian philanthropy; for nearly a century, they have been helping better lives in communities nationwide. Currently, United Way Centraide Canada... Read more »

bv02’s The Brief – Episode 8: Museums and Digital Media with...


In this episode of The Brief, we feature an enlightening chat with Corey Timpson of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR). At the museum, Corey is responsible for Exhibitions, Research and Design - a broad mandate that relies heavily on the use of technology to facilitate interactive and dialogic experiences... Read more »