Mustaches for Kids 2012


As in previous years, bv02’s team will be donating some valuable face real estate to the Make a Wish Foundation of Eastern Ontario this November.  That’s right, our team will be taking part in another mustache-filled month as part of Mustaches for Kids.

What’s Mustaches for Kids?

I think the Mustaches for Kids website said it best:

Conceptually, Mustaches for Kids works like the read-a-thons you did in grade school. Except there’s no reading requirement. And you’re growing a mustache. (OK – not exactly the same but you get the idea). Each Grower collects pledges from friends, co-workers, distant relatives, acquaintances, local merchants and bus drivers to sponsor their ‘stache.

Why do we participate?

I’ve been involved in Mustaches for Kids for a few years now, and as part of being involved I’ve had the chance to meet some of the families who’ve had wishes granted.  The impact that the hope and joy having a wish granted has on not only the child, but the whole family, can’t be overstated.  To be able to help grant those wishes is a huge honour, and my upper lip won’t be doing much else for the month – why not use it for a good cause?

How can you get involved?

Today, October 26th, is Clean Shave Day.  Here at the office, we’ll be shaving off our beloved beards and existing mustaches in order to start with a clean slate for the month.  You can get in on the action by signing up at, and if you can’t shave today, don’t worry – registration doesn’t close, and we’re always excited to have more Growers participating.

Stay tuned to bv02’s Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on the M4K fundraising efforts this year.  There will be some excellent mustaches taking shape, and we can promise a few Instagrams of them along the way.

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One response to “Mustaches for Kids 2012”

  1. Andrew says:

    Brett, I have to say this is am amazing thing you do each year. Not only are you doing something that gives back locally you are taking the time to get involved personally. Great work and I will keep the fundraising efforts up.