Why you can't miss out on #givingtuesday


Why you can’t afford to miss out on #givingtuesday... You have heard of Black Friday, and Cyber Monday but what are you doing about Giving Tuesday? Here is a little history about how #givingtuesday came to be a big deal.. #givingtuesday was founded by 92 street Y in partnership with United Nations Foundation.... Read more »

How to Fund for Education


Educational institutions have many challenges when it comes to reaching their capital goals. The main challenge is for them to reach their goals without increasing the cost of education too high for their students. This is why they have so much to gain from crowdfunding. Let's take a look at what educational... Read more »

Are You Ready for Giving Tuesday?


As many of you know, Giving Tuesday is one of the most important days of the year when it comes fundraising. The primary goal is connecting with a diverse group of people for the one common purpose of celebrating and encouraging giving. So...are you ready for Giving Tuesday? Do you have a campaign strategy?... Read more »

Importance of Social Media to Crowdfunding


Audiences have moved to new online tools, new digital places. Social media is the new access point for discovery, referrals and trust building--all of which are essential for building your donor list or gaining support for your projects. Social media and crowdfunding are a natural combination. Social media helps you... Read more »

How to Fund for Healthcare


Let’s talk about crowdfunding for healthcare. (If you do not know what crowdfunding is or have not had the chance to read our blog on Introduction to Crowdfunding, please review it prior to reading this blog.) Healthcare institutions’ missions statement vary, but most concentrate on trust, expertise,... Read more »

4 Social Media Insights to Better Content


There's video and gifs...and memes...and "going viral"...and shares, likes and engagement. There's Facebook and Twitter...and Instagram and Snapchat. There's so much going on in social media these days that can it be a little overwhelming. You know you want a social media presence--your audiences are there, your... Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Use Crowdfunding


If you do not know what crowdfunding is or have not had the chance to read our blog on Introduction to Crowdfunding, please have a read before digging into this blog post; it will help you get a sense of why crowdfunding is so helpful to so many people and institutions like yours. The crowdfunding market is... Read more »

Creating a Better Built Digital Environment


City planners, architects and developers like to talk about our built environment—the buildings and structures we erect, the space in between and the connections linking it all. It’s an important and useful concept when designing a city’s urban landscape. You can’t just focus on one project, one building or... Read more »

Google My Business Best Practices


Ensuring you have accurate information available online is crucial to your credibility and visibility. And one of the best places to start is your Google My Business listing--it can be your very own piece of Google search real estate...if managed correctly. Here are some of the advantages of listing... Read more »

Three Essential Tools to Test Your Website


When your customers interact with your brand online, it’s critical that you provide them the best experience possible. Your website is the pillar that supports all of your digital marketing efforts. To start improving your online presence, you need to answer three critical questions about your website. In General,... Read more »

bv02 Welcomes Lisa Brazeau as Strategic Consultant


bv02 is happy to announce that Lisa Brazeau is joining our team as a strategic consultant. Lisa comes to bv02 with extensive experience in the fields of communications, public relations, marketing, corporate training, group facilitation and project management. Basically, Lisa knows how to organize your team, and how... Read more »