Digital Marketing

Why a Digital Audit is Important for Success in 2017


Audit is a scary word. Yes, words like digital audit, web audit and SEO audit are scary, but in reality they’re a chance for an exciting opportunity. A digital audit will give you the knowledge you need to enhance online story, presence, credibility and accessibility, and to build meaningful engagements. The... Read more »

Andrew’s Espresso Shot: What’s Your Digital Footprint?


What’s Your Digital Footprint? -- Do you really know what people think of you? Really? From a business perspective, looking at your entire digital footprint is critical to gaining an understanding of your online identity. So many companies get micro-focused on one or two digital channels and forget to keep an eye... Read more »

bv02’s The Brief – Episode 9: The Rise of Micro Content with...


Micro Content is the future of Marketing In this episode of The Brief, Andrew sits down with tech veteran Adrian Salamunovic, who shares some of his experiences in building successful businesses and why he thinks micro content is the future of marketing. Salamunovic is a co-founder of innovative companies DNA11,... Read more »

Three Marketing Trends to Keep your Eye On in 2016


Is traditional digital advertising losing its lustre? Are you constantly trying to engage your online audience, but having a hard time keeping up with emerging trends? We’re taking a look at three of the top digital marketing trends for 2016, and how you can take advantage of them to stay on top of your digital... Read more »

Digital Marketing: Canadian Electricity Association/National...


bv02 worked with the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) to develop and execute a digital campaign to create awareness of and increase engagement with their National Electricity Month program and website. Through a comprehensive set of stakeholder interviews and a detailed environmental... Read more »

Digital Marketing: So You Want To Be An Artist


The National Gallery of Canada is "one of the world’s most respected art institutions, revered for its scholarship, applauded for its ability to engage audiences of all ages and all levels of artistic knowledge, and renowned for its exceptional collection of approximately 65,000 works of art." bv02 worked with the... Read more »

6 Reasons You Might Be Failing At Social Media


6 Reasons You Might Be Failing At Social Media Over the last decade, social media has quickly risen as a contender against traditional media such as television or radio—competing for the world’s attention. In fact, our time spent online using social media is expected to surpass television sooner than later given... Read more »

Digital Marketing: Bodylogix/Lex PR


The Winning Combination is one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of natural health products and nutrition supplements, including the Bodylogix product line, a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive brand. With the goal of increasing brand awareness and sales, The Winning Combination and public relations agency LexPR began... Read more »

Content in Context


Although the internet has afforded us with more innovative ways than ever to sell our products and services, marketing has become so accessible that no one is standing out in the crowd. So how do you break through the clutter? It’s not an easy task, but one that can be simplified by building content with context.... Read more »

Gilmore Marketing


Gilmore is a multi-national corporation with a wealth of experience in providing content delivery and supply chain services, such as printing, reproduction, financial and IT, to the private and public sectors. As a natural outgrowth of these services, Gilmore formed a new division to offer marketing to their clients... Read more »

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)


Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) – formerly The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) - is the national and international voice of Canada’s publicly supported colleges, institutes and polytechnics. Its members work with industry and social sectors to train 1.5 million learners of all ages and... Read more »